Arkansas Falling Behind in Crazy SEC Assistant Coaches Arms Race

Lorenzo Ward and the South Carolina football Gamecocks have come to terms, allowing the Arkansas Razorbacks defensive backs coach to join his buddy, Cocks defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson.

To make it sound better than the lateral move that it is — and why it is angers a lot of Arkansas fans who like to think the Razorback program is not even or a step below South Carolina — Ward will have the title of defensive coordinator. We guess Ellis Johnson will be referred to simply as assistant head coach to Gamecocks head man Steve Spurrier. The coordinator title, according to reports in South Carolina, allows the program to skirt the issue there of giving a long-term contract to an assistant who isn’t a coordinator. Reportedly, Ward will get a three-year deal. At Arkansas he had a two-year deal, which apparently meant nothing since he’s bolting after completing half the contract.