Arkansas, South Carolina have been a drag on the SEC

Since 1992, when the league expansion went into effect, has either Arkansas or South Carolina really brought anything to the dance? Instead of expanding by two or four, some have wondered if a better way of handling this would be addition by subtraction – starting with sending Arkansas and South Carolina back where they came from.

How about football? The Hogs have made three appearances in the SEC championship game – 1995, 2002 and 2006. The Hogs finished second in the SEC West in 2002 but Alabama was kept home because of NCAA probation. The Hogs are 0-3 in those title games, being outscored 102-34. Can you say not ready for prime time?

Arkansas hasn’t been a total embarrassment during its SEC football run – nor has it really brought much to the table. No BCS appearances. Mostly, mediocrity. In 18 seasons, Arkansas has only posted a winning divisional record four times, based on actual results and excluding games later forfeited.