Arrogance and ego got Jim Leavitt fired at USF

Running off at the typewriter. …

In these parts, we knew USF head coach Jim Leavitt as the haughty, highhanded jerk who thought his program was too big and too important to play an annual football game with UCF — a sister school and natural rival only 90 miles away.

Seems to me it was this same arrogance that led to Leavitt’s ultimate firing at USF Friday. Ostensibly, Leavitt was ousted for grabbing player Joel Miller and punching him earlier this season, but I believe the coach’s own self-importance and ego did him in more than anything.
Leavitt could have easily survived the alleged punching incident if he’d quickly apologized to the player and kept the situation in-house. Instead, according to AOL’s — the news organization that originally broke the story — Leavitt met with the player after the incident and threatened him.