As Chad Pennington looms, Brett Favre & Jets can’t throw season away

It’s never easy with the Jets, but they will beat the Seahawks, a three-win team with their bags packed since Halloween, then take care of the Dolphins, a nice story if not a very good team, and win the AFC East.
Two days after the Jets acquired Brett Favre in August, I said they would be a 10-6 wild-card team. Then Tom Brady went down and expectations went up. Although the Jets have flopped since winning those back-to-back games in New England and Tennessee when they looked like the class of the AFC, they are in prime position to finish this off and win the division.
The Favre of old is just the old Favre now, and by the time he gets into the Hall of Fame, his time with the Jets will be just a footnote to his career, but a piece of his legacy is still at stake.