The most unpardonable journalistic sin is plagarism. The second is burying the lead. Today, the CL Editorial Board may have to beg for forgiveness in the second department.

Today in their Editorial Speaker: McCoy’s the Better Choice, Hampton & Company seem conflicted about their choice.

We find no fault in Smith – moreover, we like a lot of his ideas about the House rules being evenly and fairly enforced. McCoy might do well to listen to Smith’s arguments in that regard and pay heed to them in the future.

However, they bury the real reason for their quasi-endorsement right at the end.

McCoy has a career record of delivering results on key issues in Mississippi – public education, transportation, economic development, public safety and social justice. The complaints against him are founded more in raw partisanship than in public policy.

It’s as if they’re sitting around in the editorial board saying . . . “Oh my gosh, the conservatives might actually get something done. We better not have that!”