Tad Campbell To Challenge Terry Burton

As for this district, Burton has held the seat since 1992. Campbell served just one term in the House, but geography is in play here. Based on 2002 numbers, Lauderdale precincts made up about 32 percent of the district (18,000 residents). All of Newton is in the district, and their 22,000 residents made up about 39 percent of the district. The remaining live in Scott county. So Newton plus Scott make up two-thirds of the residents, but this is a GOP primary we are talking about. Newton county, home base of Burton, simply doesn’t vote in the GOP primary. Democratic gubernatorial candidates got around 5,000 votes in 2007 while less than 800 votes were made on the GOP side. But it’s a different story with Campbell’s home base of Lauderdale. In 2007, 11,500 votes were cast for Republican gubernatorial candidates versus about 4,500 for Democratic gubernatorial candidates. (Those numbers were based on all of Lauderdale which is why the numbers were that high).

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