Ask CFN – 2008 – College Football

Prove to me that Jim Tressel deserves to be called an elite CFB coach without providing stats of how OSU has dominated an average Big Ten conference. The past two years have shown me a side of Tressel as either a poor clutch decision maker or a terrible motivator. Obviously, the Nat Champ games come to mind. The Florida game I can nearly excuse b/c they got blindsided by a majorly pumped up and ticked off team. Tell me….how can you not have your team ready to play the next year after enduring that embarrassment for an entire year? Tressel sent the team home with videos of the Florida game to pump OSU up….looks like that didn’t work. That game didn’t have as much poor coaching per se, but poor motivation. It is evident that when Tressel is forced to provide decisions outside the basic game plan (aka when trailing late in a game), he lays an egg. The other game that completely shocked me was the Illinois game. A team that is competing to play for a Nat Champ can’t beat a team AT HOME that won 2 games the year before? Ron Zook outcoached Jim Tressel. That should be all I have to say. – JW

A: First, prove to me that the Big Ten has been an average conference, and feel free to use stats. It’s not the SEC, but it’s been better than you, or anyone else keeps giving it credit for, or not giving it credit for.