Aspen Ideas Fesitval: Haley Barbour and Chris Matthews

Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi was interviewed by Chris Matthews Saturday at the Aspen Ideas Festival. The conversation centered on the GOP nomination process and the quality of potential candidates. See transcript below.

Chris Matthews: if you don’t have a primary opponent you have a better chance of reelection. Let’s talk about the three stages of the election coming up between now and the caucuses/primaries. Romney, it’s his turn. Bachmann is polling well. That’s one scenario. Another: Rick Perry from Texas and Sarah Palin. What in your mind is the most likely scenario?

Haley Barbour: I see the GOP nomination differently – like a typical Democrat nomination. Bill Clinton didn’t poll well this early, nor did Carter. We don’t have a frontrunner this time. Romney may be, but who knows. This process could take a long time. This will not be a normal Republican nomination. I knew this election would be unique when “Romney and Hunstman were talking about dividing up the Mormon folks.”

Huffington Post