Need less frivolity, much more substance in Jackson

Sec. Hosemann’s greatest source of frustration, like many others, is Gov. Phil Bryant’s economic deals such as the Continental Tire fiasco in which he gave away the store for little in return.

Sec. Hosemann pointed out that for the money Gov. Bryant handed over to the tire manufacturer he could have given $100,000 to 30 businesses in EVERY Mississippi county.

“That would have created a lot more revenue and certainly more new jobs,” Hosemann said…

…Sen. Brice Wiggins, also a Republican, joined Democrat Rep. David Baria in a separate discussion with MPA members voicing their frustration over the last session.

Sen. Wiggins said he was disappointed with all the unnecessary “guns, God, and gays” bills legislators had to deal with rather than issues more critical to our state’s future such as education and our crumbling infrastructure.

Calhoun County The Journal