Callen defends campaign against incumbents

Many of its mailings that backed the challengers in the election were labeled as negative advertising, an opinion raised during the question-and-answer session following Grant Callen’s talk to the Rotary Club.

But Callen, the founder and president of the organization pushing educational choice, including its backing of charter schools, called the election results that ousted Representatives Forrest Hamilton, Wanda Jennings, Gene Alday and Pat Nelson from their seats on Aug. 4 a positive result for DeSoto County.

“I think the voters made a choice,” Callen said. “This was an election in large part about education and the candidates aligned with the educational establishment who have voted for years to change nothing, to build a wall around our schools and don’t help other districts, were hurt. The candidates who had a vision for change and how we can help our whole state, while protecting our local districts, in large part won.”

DeSoto Times