Athletes take hits in taxes after game (Interesting piece)

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was sacked four times Oct. 12 in the Indianapolis Colts’ victory at Lucas Oil Stadium, but the final hits have yet to come. They will be delivered by the state of Indiana.

Like all visiting players, the Ravens must pay what’s known as the “jock tax.” For their two “duty days” of earning income in Indiana — meetings, practice and game day — the Ravens players owe the state a total of about $49,000, judging by public reports of the team’s payroll. Flacco’s exact share is hard to determine, but it’s about $2,000.
It’s the same for Colts players when they go on the road to play 24 of the other 31 NFL teams, those in states with an income tax. And it’s the same for the Pacers, the Fever and all other pro teams based here.
The Indiana Department of Revenue doesn’t have figures on how much visiting professional athletes pay in income tax. But an estimate by The Indianapolis Star, based on team payrolls and reviewed by the Colts and sports tax experts, put the share paid by outside NFL players at about $492,000 in 2007.