Auburn defensive end Raven Gray unfazed by tough week, coping with brother’s death

AUBURN — Defensive end Raven Gray’s first week of college football hasn’t been easy.
Despite arriving on campus with five-star credentials as one of the top junior college prospects in the country, Gray has endured frequent tongue-lashings from ends coach Terry Price and has struggled to adjust to the fast pace and mental acuity demanded in Auburn’s practices.

“It takes some getting used to,” Price said.
On Sunday, hours after coaches picked apart his errors in Saturday’s scrimmage, Gray remained upbeat and unflappable. Of Price, Gray said, “Man, I love him.”
If Gray seems unfazed by his rough first week, it’s because he’s been through far tougher hur dles in his life.
Eight months ago, his brother John was shot and killed in Enterprise in what Gray described as a dispute with another man.