Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville explains seven-finger salute

Oh, no, he didn’t. Oh, yes, he did. Tommy Tuberville, just back from his tour of the Middle East, admitted it here Tuesday at the SEC spring meetings.
He did hold up seven fingers.
Two on the right hand. All five on the left.

And it did mean what you thought it meant.

The streak is alive and well.

Leave it to the Auburn football coach to fire the latest Iron Bowl shot heard ’round the world – from halfway ’round the world.

As part of their good will tour, Tuberville and Mark Richt coached one team of soldiers in a 7-on-7 game of flag football against a team coached by Miami’s Randy Shannon and Yale’s Jack Siedlecki.

Tuberville coached the defense, Richt the offense. Their team won 14-12.

Afterward, the soldiers lifted the coaches on their shoulders, but they didn’t just cheer on Tuberville. They egged him on. Even over there, they know he keeps beating Alabama and counting those victories on his fingers.

“There were SEC guys on both teams,” Tuberville said. “They said, `Hold up seven fingers, coach.’ Anything to get a laugh.”