Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn says he wants to build on ‘foundation’ at Auburn

Nothing very meaty in this quote, but this is what the Auburn athletic department sent out this afternoon:

“My family and I love Auburn and being part of the Auburn Family. Coach Chizik is an outstanding coach to work for and Auburn is a great place to be both professionally and personally. I’m excited about the future of this program and helping Auburn build on the foundation that Coach Chizik has established during the last 13 months.”

Although no mainstream reports have identified him as a candidate for any head coaching vacancy, Malzahn’s name has been floated in connection with the Louisiana Tech gig (and could be tossed into the hat for the Middle Tennessee job should Rick Stockstill leave for East Carolina).

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik said he didn’t worry about the impact that speculation would have on recruiting.

“I think everybody understands how the rumor mill works and how the different things get out on the Internet sites,” Chizik said Saturday. “I think we’ve all been through that. I went through it. There are a lot of things out there, but I think people know they’re not necessarily fact.”