Auburn’s Tony Franklin breaks down the spread

Auburn, Ala.-I had a chance on Wednesday to sit down with Tony Franklin, the new offensive coordinator at Auburn. Now when it comes to coaches, Franklin is a little different. When I walked into his office at the Auburn football complex there was classical music playing from his laptop computer. But then he told me his tastes in music run the gamut and that the next song up could be from Amy Winehouse.
“Her early stuff was so much better before she started having (drug) problems,” he said.
The whole state is abuzz over the new spread offense that Franklin, the former OC at Troy, has installed for this season. The spread has been very effective in high schools and at the lower levels of college football. There are questions or not it will be as effective at the SEC level where opponents have so many good athletes on defense.
There are also questions about who will be his quarterback, Kodi Burns or transfer Chris Todd. Todd basically had a dead arm in the spring and nothing will be known until practice starts.
But those were discussions for another day. On this day I wanted a crash course on the basics. I asked Franklin to tell me five things that all of us need to know about Auburn’s new spread offense:
1. The spread is a formation, not an offense: