State auditor speaks on reverse auction law

State Auditor Stacey Pickering made a stop by the Lamar County Supervisors meeting Thursday to shed light on a that new law.

“We are meeting with our local governments, boards of supervisors, school boards, as well as city councils and alderman across the State of Mississippi about the reverse auctions law,” Pickering said. “It mandates that every government entity, state agencies, the state itself, as well as local governments must use a reverse auction process to purchase any commodities across the state.”…

…“Sounds like a good idea on the surface until you realize who’s going to run it, who’s going to pay for the software, and state law does not allow vendors to pay for that,” Pickering said. “That was how it was sold to through the legislature and we’re trying to educate local governments that they have to be the ones to pay that. The local tax payers are going to be paying for these services to do reverse auctions, hopefully the savings will offset that, but in reality, it’s a new way of doing purchase in Mississippi.”