Former Jackson County Clerk Indicted for Embezzling Over $890,000

Former Jackson County employee Ginger Lashley has been indicted for embezzling $890,000. Lashley worked as the Accounts Payable Clerk for Jackson County.

“While holding the position of Utilities Payable Clerk for Jackson County, this individual repeatedly deposited checks payable to Jackson County into a personal savings account entitled Jackson County Food Drive,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering. “This case was brought to our attention by the Sheriff’s Office in Jackson County, and we are appreciative of the work done by Sheriff Mike Byrd and District Attorney Tony Lawrence. This is one of the largest embezzlement cases we have investigated in the State Auditor’s Office and represents a significant loss to the taxpayers of Jackson County.”

“I appreciate the diligence and cooperation of the State Auditor’s Office in investigating the case and bringing it before the Jackson County Grand Jury,” said District Attorney Tony Lawrence. “Under the law, the citizens of Jackson County have a right to expect that their money is being handled properly and all is accounted for. Now that the indictment has been served, the case will be set on the trial docket and we will move forward towards a trial.”

“This arrest and indictment goes to show that we will not tolerate anyone who is holding a position of trust in our county government or elsewhere taking money or other assets from the county itself,” said Sheriff Mike Byrd. “ We did not tolerate it from the previous administration which had an employee who stole thousands of dollars from the Sheriff’s Office, and we certainly will not tolerate it from an employee of the Finance Department.”

Today, the State Auditor’s Office has filed a $1,232,579,73 demand against Ginger Lashley and her bonding company.

Lashley, 50, was employed by Jackson County since 1998, and most recently worked as Accounts Payable Clerk. She was terminated from her position with Jackson County on November 9, 2009. Lashley was arrested by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department following her termination by the County. After being arrested on an embezzlement charge, Lashley was released from custody on a $30,000 cash bond.

Auditor Stacey Pickering Press Release