Austin Barbour – Santorum made big mistake recruiting Democrats

Romney has now only amassed 163 delegates to Santorum’s 83. Gingrich, who did not compete in Arizona or Michigan and is banking on a strong showing in Georgia and the other southern states on Super Tuesday, has 32, while Paul has 19.

The Romney campaign was still bitter Tuesday night about Santorum’s call for Democrats in Michigan to vote for him and against Romney.

“Santorum will rue the day his campaign made the decision to court dems to vote in our primary,” Austin Barbour, a national finance chairman for Romney’s campaign who helped organize the campaign on the ground here, wrote on Twitter. “Will backfire with GOP.”

A senior Romney adviser told The Huffington Post: “We won Republicans by comfortable margin, which [Santorum] realized, so he made last-minute play for Dem’s. Follow the money is true just like follow the robocalls.”

Huffington Post