Hillary Clinton’s Road Warriors

Even Republican operatives concede Clinton’s fanned out squad of deputies will move voters.

“It will convert votes. We saw this in the Romney campaign. The Obama team would have huge rallies in early voting states at venues near early voting locations. They have their rally and tell everyone to go vote and have staff outside directing them to the polls,” says Austin Barbour, a Jackson, Mississippi-based GOP consultant. “If Hillary can send President Obama to Pennsylvania, Michelle Obama to North Carolina and Bill to Ohio while she is in Florida, that is a huge advantage.”

Trump’s children have been popping up at events around the country, but not in a consistent or concerted way.

Eric Trump showed up at an Ohio GOP committee meeting last week, receiving a standing ovation from its members. But the visit wasn’t pre-announced and therefore didn’t gain any publicity or media attention.

Ivanka Trump appeared with her father at a community center in Aston, Pennsylvania, Tuesday night to introduce his speech on child care, but even she has yet to venture out on her own on his behalf. Trump’s wife Melania has been all but invisible since her Republican National Convention speech, which was tarred by allegations of plagiarism.

“Trump does have his kids, but of course they don’t have as much of an independent touch as Obama, Bill or Biden,” says Barbour. “Certainly the Trump campaign can do the same thing, but they haven’t bought into the importance of having an organized campaign. This is where it really counts.”

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