Childers talks issues in US Senate Race

Meridian, Mississippi Democratic candidates in Mississippi’s U.S. Senate race say the fighting within the Republican side of the primary has taken the attention away from the real issues. Former Congressman Travis Childers has been traveling the state, trying to get the message out he feels has been ignored.

Democrats say the noise surrounding the Republican candidates in Mississippi’s U.S. Senate election has drowned out the messages voters need to hear. Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel’s challenge to the magnolia state’s senior Senator Thad Cochran has been a chaotic one, filled with accusations, insults, even arrests.

Former First District Congressman Travis Childers says there’s not much time left, and voters need to remember there are two primaries next week.

“It is clear no one there is talking about the issues and no one there is talking about middle-class Mississippi and middle class America that they need to be helping,” said Childers.