Backup QB Lorenzen is no lineman
TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — First things first.

Jared Lorenzen is bigger than your average NFL quarterback. At 285 pounds, he’s heavier than 10 of the Indianapolis Colts’ 15 defensive linemen. He has 50 pounds on middle linebacker Gary Brackett, 55 on quarterback Peyton Manning.
“I’m just a big guy. I’ve always been big,” said Lorenzen, who signed a one-year, $520,000 contract with the team last week and dove headlong into training camp at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
“I came out of the birth canal at 13 (pounds), 3 (ounces), so I’ve been huge from the get-go.”
Lorenzen had to drop 14 pounds in 10 days just so he could play pee wee football in Fort Thomas, Ky. He acknowledged his weight became an issue at the University of Kentucky — “I was large . . . bigger than I am now,” he said, declining to elaborate — but insisted now he’s just a big QB looking to earn a spot on the Colts’ 53-player regular-season roster.