Balis leaves Florida to join Mullen’s staff

STARKVILLE – His formula works.
During his time as a strength and conditioning coach, Matt Balis has been a part of an undefeated program and a national championship program.
Now he has joined Dan Mullen to put that plan into place for Mississippi State’s football program.

Balis, who as a high school strength coach met Mullen at Bowling Green and coached with him at the Universities of Utah and Florida, jumped at the chance to work with him again.
“When I had heard he had taken the job here, he asked me if I wanted to come coach with him,” Balis said. “I was extremely honored for the opportunity.”
Balis and Mullen were part of the Utah program that went 12-0 and won the Fiesta Bowl in 2004 and at Florida in 2006 when the Gators won the Southeastern Conference championship and Bowl Championship Series National Championship.