Balko – Hood’s e-mail about pathologist bill inaccurate

Third, Hood is fighting his state’s Department of Public Safety and State Senate to bring back a doctor whose testimony has already led to the murder convictions of two innocent men, whose laughable testimony was thrown out of court (PDF) in a third murder case, and who has been roundly condemned by nearly every other medical examiner outside the state of Mississippi who is familiar with his work. (I’ve talked to at least 13.)

Finally, Hood’s email is factually inaccurate. The bill would not address prior cases involving Hayne, as Hood implies by using the past tense of the word “involve.” It merely prevents Hayne from doing any autopsies in the future. Either Hood hasn’t actually read the bill, or he’s trying to drum up opposition by deliberately exaggerating its scope, implying that it would reopen thousands of old cases. Mississippi really should look at all of those cases, but that isn’t what this bill does.

Hood not only has a complete and utter lack of shame about the damage Hayne has already done to Mississippi’s criminal justice system, he now seems determined to make sure Hayne can continue to do more.

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