Ball State has arrived, baby

You think I’m joking. You think I’m being a partisan homer, a shill for my alma mater, a childish, naive, overly-excited college football fan.
Maybe there’s a kernel of truth in the latter.
I haven’t been this amped about a college football season ever. Not even back in my mediocre playing days. It’s weird, the game means more to me now than it ever did when I was trying to open holes for Bernie Parmalee or keep Joel Smeenge from ending Wade Kosakowski’s career.

But I’ve always been an undisciplined gossip. There are few (printable) things that turn me on more than knowing a secret and the freedom to spill it to whomever I choose. And, boy, do I know a doozie about the college football season that kicks off tonight.
My Ball State Cardinals have the personnel, the maturity and the schedule to win 12 straight games and crash the BCS party.
Oh, that’s not a joke. I’m not drunk or high. Yeah, I’ll be loaded tonight watching my Cards slap I-AA Northeastern, but the Ball State Fighting Cardinals will be loaded all season.