The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Editorial, 3/20/9

Secret ballot elections are the essence of American democracy, and the practice spins off government into virtually every organization, entity and process, especially those operating under statutory rules like certifying labor union representation.

A bill filed for consideration in the 2009 congressional session – the Employee Free Choice Act – would strip secrecy from the union certification process and allow labor unions to become collective bargaining agents on the strength of nothing more than a straw poll.

The attempt to enact the so-called “card check” law is an unvarnished attempt by labor unions to grow their diminishing membership rolls and take an undemocratic shortcut to power in the workplace.

The bipartisan Northeast Mississippi congressional delegation – Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker and 1st District Rep. Travis Childers – are on record in opposition to card check. We agree with their positions.