Hinds absentee ballots muddle education initiative

However, the ballot sent to absentee voters in Hinds County leaves out the last “A” in “FOR Alternative Measure 42 A,” leading to concerns that voters intending to vote for Initiative 42 could accidentally vote for Initiative 42A instead.

525 ballots have been sent out to Hinds County voters as of Tuesday, according to the circuit clerk’s office.

Another section of the ballot also doesn’t match up to the sample ballot version. The sample ballot states the second option for the first question should read “AGAINST BOTH Initiative Measure No. 42 and Alternative Measure No. 42 A,” but the Hinds ballot reads “AGAINST APPROVAL OF EITHER Initiative Measure No. 42 OR Alternative Measure No. 42 A.”

Secretary of state spokeswoman Pamela Weaver said the correct sample ballot was made available to all counties.

“The State Board of Election Commissioners approved the correct sample ballot and made the correct ballot available in the Statewide Election Management System for use by all counties,” Weaver said in a statement. “Hinds County is an opt out county. The Secretary of State’s Office has no oversight in the formulation of its ballot.”