‘Bama backlash, a new-look Pac-12, Florida’s rap sheet and more

I had a feeling no matter what I wrote about the NCAA’s penalty against Alabama for Textbookgate, a ton of mail would follow. Crimson Tide fans didn’t disappoint. As we try to slog through the longest months of the year for college football fans, let’s tackle their concerns, your reactions to my suggestions for conference realignment and the lengthy rap sheet of Urban Meyer’s Florida Gators.

Aside from your mail, we also need to address one other important topic. Colleague Stewart Mandel will return from sabbatical later this month, and he is considering — gasp — retiring the Mailbag Crush. We can’t allow that to happen, but to prevent it I’m going to need your help. So start thinking of potential crushees, and we’ll have a frank and honest discussion at the end of this column.

Now, on to the mail…