‘Bama, Boise top early 2010 Top 25

I’ve always considered local TV weatherman the easiest job in the news media. Most of the time, the forecast is completely wrong, but everyone still loves the weatherman because he’s so jolly. You’d think a drenched viewer would get mad at the guy who said it would be sunny on a day when it rained, but no one ever does.

Just for today, consider me your sports weatherman. I’m bound to be wrong, because predicting the performance of teams almost nine months from opening kickoff is about as easy as predicting whether it will rain on the Horseshoe when Ohio State opens the season against Marshall.

Somewhere on this list is an Ole Miss or an Oklahoma State, two teams I completely overrated last season. Somewhere lower — or completely off the list — is an Iowa, a team I completely underrated last season. As much as I wish these teams would play their way through the 2010 season and finish in this precise order, I know that won’t happen.

Which brings me to this question: If Boise State lays an egg in September, would you hate me less if I ranked teams while wearing a bad toupee and pointing at a computer-generated map? Because, like the local TV weatherman, I can be jolly while I get it wrong.