Barber’s faux-pas have redeeming value for G-Men

“We got outcoached.” — Tiki Barber in 2006, ripping Tom Coughlin
“That’s football. It’s not complicated. This is something that teams and kids and coaches do from 12 years old to college and beyond. It isn’t rocket science.” — Barber ripping Coughlin again over not running the ball enough
“I don’t know if he realizes how much $17 million is. That is absolutely ridiculous, to turn that down. He’s already the highest-paid defensive player in the league. He’s already making more than most quarterbacks. … Michael is not thinking about the team; he’s thinking about himself.” — Barber ripping former teammate Michael Strahan for a contract dispute in 2002

“His personality hasn’t been so that he can step up, make a strong statement and have people believe that it’s coming from his heart.” — Barber ripping former teammate Eli Manning in 2007
Just recently several players for the New York Giants were discussing their old teammate, Tiki Barber, and the recent controversy involving Mr. Gold Medal C— himself.
In case you’ve been hiding in your closet from ref-battering Cuban Taekwondo fighters, Barber was discussing the Olympics with a woman co-host when it appeared Barber used an offensive word referring to the female anatomy. Barber has denied using the word. Oh, that Tiki. He’s such a coot.
I mean, hoot.