Barbour – Obama’s Afghan policy not well communicated

Burton argued that President Obama, on the other hand, has outlined and delivered on a three-point strategy to winning in Afghanistan and expediting a troop withdrawal.
“In defense of the president, when he laid out his strategy on Afghanistan, he said we’re going to do three things: We’re going to degrade al Qaeda, stop the Taliban’s momentum, and strengthen the government security forces in Afghanistan,” said Burton, who served as Obama’s deputy communications director for the president’s first two years in office.

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who considered a bid for the GOP presidential nomination, had a vastly different take on Obama’s Afghanistan policy. He said if Obama’s strategy was defined, it was not well communicated.

“The policy changed from the Bush administration’s war on terror to nation-building, and it changed without any kind of conversation with the American people,” Barbour said on “This Week.” “If we’re fighting terrorism over there, why do we need 100,000 troops on the ground when there’s 100 terrorists, 100 al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan?”

ABC News