Barbour: Agenda for Mississippi’s Future: Policy, Issues

Eaves: No Vision, No Plan, Just Attacks

Campaigns should be about issues, about public policy, about the future, and Governor Haley Barbour continues to build his reelection efforts on that foundation. He has a record of promises made and promises kept. This week he released his “Agenda for Mississippi’s Future” and will be sharing this policy blueprint with Mississippians around the state over the coming three weeks.



Tuesday, Governor Haley Barbour continued his issues focused campaign with his release of the “Agenda for Mississippi’s Future.” Speaking at a press conference at the Ridgeland branch of Holmes Community College, Governor Barbour shared his ideas with students and faculty. This policy paper (that you can read at builds on Governor Barbour’s record of job creation, rebuilding South Mississippi, improving education, a healthy Mississippi, safer communities, and stronger families.

Governor Haley Barbour said, “Four years ago, I ran for Governor offering specific solutions to the problems facing Mississippi. I released ‘Haley’s Plan,’ a detailed document of specific policy proposals and governing principles that guided the first Barbour Administration. I said ‘We can do better, if we’ll give strong leadership a chance.’ Four years later, it is clear we are doing better. I am proud my record is one of promises made and promises kept to the people of Mississippi. Not every problem is fixed and not every proposal has been enacted, but I have worked with the Legislature and leaders in communities across Mississippi to achieve the goals established in ‘Haley’s Plan.’ My ‘Agenda for Mississippi’s Future’ offers specific proposals to make sure Mississippi takes full advantage of the unprecedented opportunities we will have these next few years. It provides detailed proposals of how we can continue to create more and better jobs, rebuild South Mississippi bigger and better than ever, improve education, achieve a healthier Mississippi, ensure safer communities, and provide an environment for stronger families.”


John Arthur Eaves, Jr. continues his campaign of reckless attacks and false allegations. He has no plan, no issues, no vision, and no leadership for Mississippi. He will do or say anything to try to get a vote, but has no vision for the office he seeks.


Governor Barbour says, “Big turnouts help conservatives, and we need to make sure that conservatives are elected throughout the state at all levels of government.” Just like four years ago, the last 72 hours of this campaign will be critical.

The Mississippi Republican Party 72 Hour Task Force will be out knocking on doors and making phones calls during the last days of the campaign. The dates are: Friday November 2; Saturday November 3; Monday November 5; and Tuesday November 6. Haley needs you to volunteer for one day, or all four days, or any part of those days to help the effort. To join the 72 Hour Task Force, please contact Katy Apostle ([email protected]) or Meredith Drake ([email protected]) at 601-948-5191.

Remember, there is nothing more powerful in campaign politics – no television spot, no direct mail piece, no newspaper advertisement – nothing more powerful than when someone who you respect asks you to vote for someone. People respect you, and if you tell them you are voting for Haley Barbour and you would like them to vote for Haley Barbour, too, they will respond.

Haley needs you to ask your children, your neighbors, your family, your fellow church members, your colleagues, your business associates, and your friends to join us in this effort. Their support and their votes will be vital to this election.


Clarion Ledger Perspective Editor Sid Salter: “Thin book: The gospel according to Eaves Jr.” (10/14/2007):

“We’re seeing a new gospel unveiled in the 2007 Mississippi gubernatorial primary, the Book of John Arthur Jr….In that gospel, public health care programs can be funded with no tax increases with the poor themselves paying for it through premiums and co-payments. The health care program can even be doubled without doubling the state’s costs….In that gospel, lobbyists are sinners and trial lawyers are saints. Unfortunately, the Gospel According to John Arthur Jr. is a paper-thin book.

It doesn’t speak to how Mississippi funds Medicaid, public education, transportation, public safety, environmental enforcement or any of the other services that state government provides. It offers no tax policy beyond raising cigarette taxes and cutting the sales tax on groceries.

It offers no plausible vision on sustaining the recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the rebuilding of the economy of south Mississippi while at the same time castigating the casino and tourism industries that have driven the recovery to date.

It offers no solutions to prison overcrowding, crime or the lack of economic development successes in the Mississippi Delta or in southwest Mississippi….so far from the Book of John Arthur Jr., policy proposals are just not being offered….But at some point, the current Eaves campaign begins to resemble a tent revival in which the minister extends the altar call for an interminable period – waiting in vain for the faithful to come, then staring at empty aisles.”

Governor Haley Barbour Campaign Release