Barbour: our values, strong record, telling the truth

Eaves: lawsuits, outrageous attacks, bad ideas and no plan

As we enter the final month of the campaign, it is obvious John Arthur Eaves, Jr. will say or do anything for a vote, without any regard for the facts or truth. Governor Barbour is running on his record of creating more than 46,000 new jobs; the largest four-year increase in state support for education under any Governor in state history while making reforms to get better results for the money we spend; and providing strong leadership in implementing a comprehensive plan to rebuild South Mississippi bigger and better than ever after Hurricane Katrina.


BARBOUR: NRA Endorsement with A+ Rating

Beginning Monday at lunch at the Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club in Florence, and then with stops in Tupelo and Columbus, the National Rifle Association announced its endorsement of Governor Haley Barbour in the November election.

The NRA said in its press release today, “In his first term, Governor Barbour signed ‘Emergency Powers’ legislation that protects law-abiding gun owners from firearms confiscation during a state of emergency and the ‘Castle Doctrine’ that allows lawful citizens to defend their homes, families and businesses from criminals without fear of prosecution. Also, under the Governor’s watch, legislation passed to lengthen mandatory prison sentences for gun crimes. Governor Barbour’s strong, pro-gun voting record has earned him an “A+” rating and endorsement by NRA-PVF.”

The National Rifle Association’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) Chairman Chris W. Cox described Governor Haley Barbour’s support of Second Amendment rights and advocacy of hunting rights, as examples of Barbour’s NRA values.

EAVES: Recklessly Suing the Military

In the spirit of the NRA endorsement, let’s remember the Second Amendment to the Constitution: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

What does John Arthur Eaves Jr. think about “the security of a free State”? Eaves sued the United States Navy to prevent training exercises vital to the safety of our troops. Eaves flew to Europe to chase plaintiffs so he could sue the United States Marine Corps. Eaves is not just willing to sue the United States armed forces, he is anxious to do so – ambulance chasing across the ocean to do it. You’ll hear more about the disappointing and dishonoring lawsuits of John Arthur Eaves soon.


Barbour for Governor released “Path to a Brighter Future” last week. This television spot shares the story of Steve and Patty Brock of Booneville, Mississippi. These two Mississippians are the parents of four teenage children and the Brocks have turned to Governor Barbour’s job training program to improve their skills. Steve is training in the industrial maintenance electronics field and Patty plans on getting her CPA license. Read the script and fact sheet here: and watch the spot online here:

While Governor Barbour campaigns on issues like creating 46,000 new jobs for Mississippians, John Arthur Eaves Jr. increases his outrageous attacks. You will become familiar with his mud slinging as the election draws nearer. Eaves has no plan, no ideas, no vision; all he has are negative personal attacks.



Good news for Mississippi medical care (Tate County Democrat: 09/18/2007)

Thanks to the efforts of Gov. Haley Barbour and others, Mississippi has hopefully turned one corner in connection with availability of medical care in Mississippi. Before the governor pushed tort reform through the reluctant and sometimes defiant state legislature, we were losing doctors and clinics right and left due to the intolerable legal climate and the unavailability of liability insurance. We are not yet completely out of the dark forest planted by rich and politically powerful trial lawyers, but there is now light shining through the trees. Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi recently announced a 15.5 percent drop in Mississippi medical malpractice rates.

Nationwide, students gather at ‘See You at the Pole’ to pray (Baptist Press: 09/26/2007)

In Mississippi, even the governor took part in the annual student-led event. “It’s powerful and very emotional when children pray for you,” Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said. “When they were praying for me and Marsha, they were praying for the state and the future.” Barbour joined more than 100 students for a 45-minute ceremony at Madison Central High School in Jackson, Miss., after proclaiming the fourth Wednesday in September as See You at the Pole Day statewide, the Clarion-Ledger newspaper said.


Sid Salter, Perspective Editor, The Clarion Ledger (09/26/2007):

But [John Arthur Eaves Jr.’s] math to pay for the program both now and in the future is at best uncertain and at worst irresponsible for state taxpayers….It’s more than a $100 million mistake. Eaves is telling Mississippians they can more than double the provision of public health care for children without more than doubling the costs. And he’s putting co-payments on the poorest of the state’s poor children while at the same time making public health insurance available to a family of four with an annual income of $134,225.

Dennis Seid, Business Editor, Northeast Daily Journal (09/30/2007):

Gov. Haley Barbour has often been called the chief economic developer of the state….I don’t mean this column to be a political endorsement, but it will likely be considered one after some read the next few sentences. I posed this question a few weeks ago to John Arthur Eaves, who’s running against Barbour in November: “How would you handle economic development differently if you were governor?”

His answer, while not verbatim, went something like this: “I’ll invest in Mississippi companies, not in foreign companies who send their money out of state.”

Was that a shot at Toyota? Nissan perhaps? Ouch! I understand Eaves’ desire to ensure the viability of existing business and industry – in fact, every economic developer I know does that. But they also seek to diversify their economies. That means, yes, attracting companies, foreign or not, that will employ fellow Mississippians.

I would expect a candidate for governor to present a more detailed economic plan, other than “throwing out the money changers” at the capitol. I would also hope that he doesn’t consider any of our area economic leaders in that category. We must have leaders who stand out and make a difference, who put community and economic development together, and Northeast Mississippi is, pardon the pun, a wellspring for such. Money changers? Hardly.

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