Barbour cries foul over legal fees

PICAYUNE — Gov. Haley Barbour is crying foul on Attorney General Jim Hood’s claim that his lawsuits are bringing home the bacon for Mississippi taxpayers.

Instead, Barbour says Hood’s legal cronies are making millions while the taxpayers are getting peanuts.

With $25 million in settlements so far, former Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove is getting $5 million, the feds are getting $19 million and the state of Mississippi is getting less than a million.

That’s six times as much money for the lawyers than the Mississippi taxpayers. This makes Hood’s claim to be for the little guy absurd, says Barbour.

Why do the feds get most of the money? Because the money came from federal Medicaid block grants in the first place. Federal law and the settlement agreements themselves dictate the money goes to the feds.

Picayune Item