Twenty-one sheriffs from around Mississippi are supporting Governor Haley Barbour’s re-election bid. Many of the law enforcement leaders joined the governor Monday at the Capitol to announce their support.

Some of the sheriffs spoke of how the governor has been a personal inspiration. Toby Trowbridge of Madison County says Barbour provided much-needed resources for his department.

“I’ve got as many state troopers in Madison County as we’ve ever had because of the traffic in there now,” he said. “That’s what I’ve needed from the governor, and he’s provided it for me.”

“The principal function of state law enforcement is to support, enhance, give resources to local law enforcement because that’s where the rubber meets the road,” said Governor Barbour.

A press secretary for John Arthur Eaves released this statement in response to the sheriffs’ endorsement:

“John Eaves supports law enforcement at all levels, while Haley Barbour supports amnesty for illegal immigrants breaking our laws. John has received support from law enforcement agents and sheriffs from across the state. In fact, today, Sheriff McCullum of Jefferson Davis County will escort John’s tour through the area.”