Barbour hints at pardon for felon

Barbour, his staffers and officials with the Mississippi Department of Corrections, which the governor oversees, would not answer most questions Friday from The Clarion-Ledger. Barbour spokesman Pete Smith would only say the pardons occurred this month.

Friends of Graham’s ex-wife, Adrienne Klasky, said prison officials told them last week his sentence had been commuted and indefinitely suspended. After several days of media reports, Barbour and his staffers disagreed that the sentence was commuted and described it as an indefinite suspension.

An attorney general’s spokeswoman said a commuted sentence is a reduced sentence, and a suspension means the sentence is not served in prison. The state Constitution gives governors the authority to grant both, as well as pardons. They also can put conditions on suspended sentences.

The clarification didn’t mollify those who remained mystified at Barbour’s decision.

Clarion Ledger