The following is a statement from Governor Haley Barbour regarding today’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on healthcare reform legislation:

“I hope this healthcare plan covers hearing aids, because it’s clear Democrats who voted for it have not heard the majority of Americans who didn’t want government-controlled healthcare crammed down their throats. States cannot sustain another massive unfunded mandate, senior citizens are threatened by enormous cuts to Medicare, and American taxpayers and businesses can’t afford huge tax increases in the midst of the worst economic slump since the Great Depression.

It’s truly sad that Rep. Bart Stupak sold out Pro-Life ideals by settling on an executive order that purports to make sure no federal funds in this healthcare plan are used to pay for abortions. Stupak and his on-the-fence colleagues have entrusted the lives of the unborn to the man who, as a senator, had a record of voting with the National Abortion Rights Action League 100 percent of the time. Nothing prevents President Obama from rescinding that executive order at any time, and it’s questionable whether it even has any true legal effect. Congressman Gene Taylor, D-Miss., told Fox News today that ‘anything the President does by Executive Order he can undo by Executive Order.’

Barbour Press