Bachmann, Gingrich, Barbour Present Credentials to Iowa Crowd

Haley Barbour
In a clear attempt to draw attention to his economy-strong message, Barbour told the crowd that instead of slinging mud at candidates for their personalities, “this election needs to be about policy.”
For the remainder of his time, he focused almost exclusively on the economy, delivering a prudent speech fit for a presidential candidate who lacks Barbour’s Republican star power.
“We should not ever forget that the goal is not to cut spending for the sake of cutting spending,” he said. “The goal is to grow the economy; the goal is to return to the chance where every young man and woman can live the American dream and see the opportunities in front of them.
“When we talk about these policies, I urge you to remember the most important thing: cutting spending is the means to an end,” he continued. “The end is to continue to grow our economy, to continue to improve the quality of life for Americans.”