Barbour: “I’ve Had My Last Government Job”

Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is stepping out of the political ring. Governor Barbour tells Fox News he does not regret not entering the Presidential race, and he is not interested in being a Vice Presidential running mate.

“The candidate has to be all in or not in at all. It’s not fair to people who support you. They quit their jobs, move their families– not to mention the volunteers and donors– when people do that for you, you’d better be all in.” If you’re not, Governor Barbour says, “don’t get in, at all.”

As for his GOP presidential pick, Barbour says he doesn’t have one, and will not be endorsing anyone. “I didn’t endorse anybody last time in 2008 and all these guys are friends of mine, and I don’t think that one of them so stands out that I should endorse somebody. ”

Fox News