Campaign commercial highlights Governor Barbour’s successful workforce training initiatives to help unemployed Mississippians find new and better jobs

JACKSON (September 27, 2007) – Barbour for Governor began running a new television commercial today entitled Path To A Brighter Future, highlighting Governor Haley’s Barbour’s leadership in providing workforce training reforms and initiatives to help Mississippians receive the education and training they need to secure new and better jobs. Below, please find the commercial script and fact sheet. The commercial can be viewed online:

Barbour for Governor – “Path to a Brighter Future”

Steve Brock: I’m Steve …

Patty Brock: … and I’m Patty Brock, and we live in Booneville, Mississippi.

Steve: … and we have four teenage children.

Patty: … and we’re going to college!

NARRATOR: When the Brocks needed new jobs, they turned to Governor Barbour’s job training program to improve their skills.

Graphic: Governor Barbour’s plan “simplifies Workforce Training,” Clarion Ledger, 2/17/07

FACT: “Barbour said too many agencies currently are involved in the process, making it too complicated for workers and employers to find help. … His proposal, the Mississippi Comprehensive Work Force Training and Education Consolidation Act of 2004, would merge the two boards that handle state and federal money for work-force training programs. … By streamlining the process, Barbour said the state can save about $2.1 million in administrative costs and possibly reach more people.” -Reference: Clarion Ledger article, “Plan simplifies work-force training” 2/17/07

FACT: In 2004, the federal government was allotting $41 million of funding for job training to our state, but it was not properly allotted to workforce training and development. Governor Barbour’s plan placed workforce training as one of our top priorities, and the Legislature approved this plan – merging the two boards that handle state and federal money for work-force training programs. Barbour’s plan sought to “use as much of the federal money as possible … on training,” making “help easier to access” for the people of our state. – Reference: Clarion Ledger article, “Plan simplifies work-force training” 2/17/07

Steve: I’m in the industrial maintenance electronics field.

Patty: I plan on getting my CPA license.

NARRATOR: Governor Barbour has doubled support for job training programs, helping thousands of Mississippians help themselves.

Graphic: Governor Barbour’s Plan – Doubled Job Training – Better Jobs

FACT: Senate Bill 2480 of the 2005 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature 2005 authorized an annual diversion of approximately $25 million of unemployment tax revenue into the Mississippi Workforce Training Enhancement Fund. In the current Fiscal Year (FY 08), approximately $36.1 million in state funds will be spent on workforce training through Senate Bills 3130 and 3131 of the 2007 Regular Session of the Legislature (Community College Appropriations bill) and the Unemployment Tax Diversion. In Fiscal Year 2004, approximately $18 million of state funds were available for workforce training through Senate Bill 2678 of the 2003 Regular Session of the Legislature (Community College Appropriations bill).

Steve: And we’re certainly not afraid of hard work.

NARRATOR: Haley Barbour.

Patty: He’s got our vote.

(End Graphic: Haley Barbour/ Governor)

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