Barbour: No early role with GOP 2012 candidates

JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said Monday that he won’t get deeply involved in helping any presidential candidate until Republicans choose their 2012 nominee.

Barbour said several candidates have called and talked to him. He said he was happy to chat, but he doesn’t intend to take on a formal role as adviser for anybody, including Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

One of Barbour’s nephews and longtime campaign aides, Henry Barbour, has recently been helping Perry, who launched a presidential campaign earlier this month.

“I’m not going to be participating in any way for any of the candidates,” Haley Barbour said Monday, responding to questions during a news conference in Jackson.
“Any of them want to talk to me – and several of them have been nice enough – I’m glad to talk to any of them,” Barbour said. “But I’m not going to endorse or be trying to help any of them.”