Barbour PAC donation eyed

The Texas businessman who recently donated $100,000 to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour’s political campaign heads a company that has made hundreds of millions of dollars from the sale of its interests in a Mississippi liquefied natural gas facility.

The natural gas facility, which processes the fuel for distribution, is under construction in Pascagoula and was endorsed by Barbour shortly after it was proposed. The project also benefited from a series of approvals by Mississippi agencies at the state and local level and is being built on state-owned land under a long-term lease.

Jamal Daniel and his partners in the Crest Group, a Houston-based firm, formed Gulf LNG in 2004 to develop a liquefied natural gas facility. Last year, Daniel donated $100,000 to Barbour’s Leadership Committee, a Georgia political action committee.

Clarion Ledger