Barbour: Romney “not a true frontrunner”

(CBS News) Despite Mitt Romney’s consistently placing at or near the top in polls of the GOP presidential field, Governor Haley Barbour, R-Miss., says he’s “not a true frontrunner” – even if he is “the best known of our candidates.”
Barbour, in a Sunday appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said there is no real frontrunner amid the 2012 GOP candidates, in part because he thinks Republicans are more focused on unseating President Obama than picking a candidate who shares their views.

“This [election] reminds me of a lot of past Democratic presidential contests, like Jimmy Carter in ’76, Bill Clinton in ’92, where there is not really a frontrunner,” Barbour said. “Mitt Romney is the best known of our candidates. Not a true frontrunner. What we see people doing more than I’ve ever seen in my life is, instead of saying which one agrees with me most, which one do I like the most, they’re saying, which one has the best chance to beat Obama?”

CBS News