Barbour for Governor began running a new television commercial Tuesday entitled Strength and Spirit. The spot shares Governor Haley Barbour’s optimism that due to the strength and spirit of the people of Mississippi, our state will continue to rebuild and recover after facing the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. It is that strength and spirit that will make the Mississippi Gulf Coast even bigger and better than before being hit by the worst natural disaster in American history.

Governor Barbour speaks throughout the ad saying, “Katrina turned out to be so much worse than Camille. It looked like the hand of God had wiped away the Coast. As strange as it seems, one of the biggest outcomes of Katrina is that it has tremendously helped the image of Mississippi. Our people are strong, resilient, self-reliant. How can you not be optimistic about Mississippi? We’re not only recovering, but Mississippi’s image has never been better, because people saw after Katrina the spirit and character of the people of Mississippi, and all the world and all of America liked what they saw.”

The commercial can be viewed online:

Governor Haley Barbour Press Release