Barbour talks energy, says he no longer seeks government roles

Former Republican Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was in Starkville this week to address one of the state’s largest Rotary Clubs and the topic of his remarks — despite significant and dramatic recent national and state political developments — were almost exclusively about energy.

For the record, Barbour’s energy policy as an ex-governor is no different than it was as governor. “I’m for more abundant, affordable American energy,” said Barbour, adding that President Barack Obama’s administration fails to promote that goal. “The Obama administration’s policy is to raise energy prices so people will use less of it.”

Barbour’s speech expressed support for enhanced oil recovery as has been done successfully in Mississippi by Denbury, hydraulic fracturing for natural gas or so-called fracking, nuclear power, wind and solar production, and the new Mississippi Power Company’s Kemper County coal gasification project. Barbour praised current Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant’s energy policies.

Sid Salter