Baria worries about tideland funds

A handful of long time coast lawmakers were defeated in last week’s general election. One Coast legislator fears that the loss of seniority could hurt South Mississippi.

Representative Elect David Baria says millions of dollars in tideland funds could end up in the general fund rather then be sent to the coast.

The Secretary of State’s office collects money from tideland leases with coast casinos. A portion of that money comes back to the coast in tideland funds to build piers, marinas and other public projects.

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway has a long list of tidelands projects. Some are completed, while others are still under construction. Holloway says tideland money is very important to his city and the entire Gulf Coast.

“The piers that we have, the fishing docks and marinas. All that was done, not all with tideland funds, but a lot of tideland money is used in the funding,” Holloway said.