BCS bowl games offer storied programs, great coaching matchups

If you are looking for someone to hold the BCS’ hand and tell it that the bowl matchups are correct, you had best read elsewhere.
I don’t know whether No. 1 Oklahoma and No. 2 Florida are the two best teams, and anyone who tells you they are doesn’t know, either. He just has a louder opinion.
But this much is true: Of the five BCS games announced Sunday night, three of them, including the championship game, are keepers. A fourth, the Allstate Sugar Bowl between No. 4 Alabama and No. 6 Utah, is a plate of fusion cuisine that will feel right at home in the Big Easy. And what if the BCS were to hold the FedEx Orange Bowl and a Metro Conference reunion broke out?

But back to the big three. The BCS National Championship Game and the Rose and Fiesta bowls will put storied programs and great coaches on the same field in the kind of intersectional games that we crave but don’t see often enough.