BCS creates executive director role

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — BCS officials selected Bill Hancock to become the first executive director of college football’s postseason system.
BCS coordinator and Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford announced Hancock’s promotion from administrator to his new position on Tuesday.
Hancock will replace the BCS coordinator, starting next year. The coordinator position has rotated on a two-year basis between conference commissioners since the Bowl Championship Series was implemented in 1998.
But the job has become too big for someone to handle in a part-time role. At times, commissioners found the responsibilities of their full-time gigs conflicted with the duties of BCS coordinator.
“Bill has been a tremendous asset to the BCS since beginning his involvement in 2005,” Swofford said in a statement. “With the continued growth and interest in the BCS, it became evident to all of us that an Executive Director was necessary to coordinate what has become a full-time slate of daily responsibilities.”
Swofford’s two-year term as coordinator will end Jan. 7. At that point Hancock, who has been working as an administrator and spokesman for the BCS since 2005, will assume most of the coordinator’s duties.