Bennie Thompson – After bin Laden’s death, war needs review

With Osama bin Laden dead, does that mean we’ve won the war in Afghanistan and can pack up our things and go home? Sen. Lindsey Graham worries that in the wake of the Pakistan raid, we’ll see “an unholy alliance of right and left on leaving Afghanistan,” Politico’s Jake Sherman and Manu Raju report. And he’s right: Some lawmakers are already calling on President Obama to end the three Mideast wars. Not because the Afghan war is lost, as some have argued, but now, opponents say, because we’ve finally won.

Rep. Barney Frank told Think Progress’s Faiz Shakir that old arguments against withdrawal are now moot. “People say, well, America can’t look like it was driven out with the mission not accomplished. We went there to get Osama bin Laden!”

Rep. Bennie Thompson: “I think with this success of the killing of bin Laden, it is time to give [Afghanistan] additional review.”

Atlantic Wire