Best class of 2005 remain star-crossed

If everything had gone right for Jerrell Powe and Callahan Bright, they’d be readying for their first NFL camps about now.
Bright, from Rosemont, Pa., and Powe, from Waynesboro, Miss., were part of a wondrous defensive tackle group as high school seniors in 2004. Both were among the top 25 players overall in the nation, with unlimited futures. Bright signed with Florida State and Powe with Ole Miss in February 2005.
Neither has played a down of college football, but that may be getting ready to change.
Powe, now 21, has had academic issues, but he should hear any day now as to whether he will be eligible for the Rebels this fall. Last week, new Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said “it looks good” that Powe will be cleared to play after he had passed 24 credit hours this year.
After he was denied eligibility in 2005, Powe attended Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military, but still didn’t become eligible. He sued the NCAA in 2006, but that suit eventually was dropped. In 2007, he was declared a partial qualifier, and because of a recent NCAA rules change, it now is left to the SEC office to decide whether he will be eligible to play.