The Clarion-Ledger, 8/27/8

The glamour’s out of town, the Democrats in Denver this week, the Republicans in Minneapolis-St. Paul the next. Limousine liberals. Chauffeur-driven neo-cons. Martinis, shaken and stirred.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, far from hotel suites, fois gras and carefully orchestrated hoopla, the battle for the hearts and minds of Mississippians this presidential election year continues from innocuous redoubts on opposite sides of the state Capitol.

The Dems are holed up in a nondescript house on North Congress Street. The GOP’s encamped on the corner of Congress and Yazoo streets, behind courtyard walls, not much more than a Tiger Wood 4-iron from the Confederate women’s monument on the Capitol grounds.

There’s no gunfire, but make no mistake, this is war. The mortar rounds, lobbed daily back and forth, arching across the Capitol’s grand domes, may be constructed only of paper, bytes and hype, yet these weapons carry enough firepower to affect the future not only of the state but the country.